Dr. Gonzales’ practice offers numerous psychological services and areas of expertise to his private patients. Dr. Gonzales offers a secure, professional and private environment in which to help you regain your psychological health. His services and expertise include:

(Alphabetical Order)

*Adolescent Treatment
*Animal Hoarding ( Consultant for Animal Planet’s Confessions: Animal Hoarding TV┬áSeries)
*Anxiety and Panic Disorder Treatment
*Cancer and Health Issues (Affiliated with Mercy Hospital & CBCC; also a 2x survivor)
*Cognitive and Behavioral Treatment
*Depression Treatment
*Developer and Facilitator of Man To Man Program (Prostate Cancer:ACS)
*Gastric Bypass/Lapband Evaluations (Psychological Testing Optional)
*Law Enforcement Appeals (Psychological Testing) and Treatment (affiliation with LASD)
*Marital Therapy
*Media Psychology (KGET Spokesperson)
*Personality Disorder Treatment
*Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
*Psychological Evaluations
*Trauma Disorder Treatment (Debriefings/EMDR)
*Industrial Related Injuries